King Mo: Me versus Tito Ortiz would be a hate crime

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On the most recent episode of the popular MMA podcast ‘The Brutally Honest Show,’ the guys spent some time speaking with Bellator Star King Mo Lawal.

To kick off the interview, King Mo discussed the rib injury he sustained at the Bellator tournament earlier this year.

“I feel good man, I finally started training this week, it took me about 5 weeks.”

This year King Mo will once again be competing in a charity wrestling event on Friday at American Top Team, which he spoke about.

“It’s a charity wrestling event we do for the kids and whoever else wants to come, it’s open to the public, we just do a wrestling show.”

In regards to his opponent for the pro-wrestling style event Mo said: “I’m gonna put it on him.”

King Mo is currently on a 4-fight win streak, and wants to build upon it early next year.

“I wish I had something [coming up]. I’m hoping I could be able to fight early next year. Bellator has 2 more cards this year, and then they have the thing in Japan. I don’t know what’s going on with Japan.”

“We’re just sitting around waiting to hear what they’re going to do. Fedor had an opponent, and now he don’t got one.”

“Who knows what they’re going to do…”

Recently former WWF champion Kurt Angle made headlines when it was announced that he would appear at the 2015 Bellator fan festival. People immediately began wondering if Angle would fight in the Bellator cage, however King Mo set the record straight.

“People think he signed with Bellator. He didn’t sign with Bellator, he’s just doing the fan fest.”

“Kurt Angle said ‘I have big news’ hours later he said ‘I’m gonna be at the fan fest for Bellator’ he never said ‘I’m going to be fighting someone.'”

When asked if who would win in an MMA fight between himself and Angle, King Mo admitted Angle would win in a wrestling match, but not in the cage.

“I’d win in MMA because I have experience, and I have the reach on him. I have overall experience.”

When asked if he would be able to take down Ronda Rousey given his elite level wrestling, and Rousey’s elite level Judo, things got interesting.

“He’s playing…he joking…?”

King Mo has always stated that he would demolish Tito Ortiz in a fight, and in his mind, nothing has changed.

“Listen, it’d be a terrible fight let’s be real. It’d be a terrible fight. It’d be a hate crime. It’d be me versus a person that’s really disabled. It wouldn’t be worth it. I might as well just walk up and push somebody out of their wheelchair.”

“I didn’t wanna fight him, I just brought his name up because he was talking slick behind my back and then when he saw me he was like trying to say ‘what’s up?’ to me.”

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