King Mo: ‘CM Punk Will Be Successful In MMA’

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Since CM Punk made the move to Roufusport in Milwaukee in preparation for his UFC debut, we have heard great things coming out of the Roufusport camp regarding CM Punk’s development.

While a date, or opponent, for CM Punk’s UFC debut are still unknown, he is still training hard, and according to King Mo, has a tremendous passion for MMA.

King Mo spoke to Submission Radio

“I didn’t get to train with him I just watched him train, and he moves like a Jiu Jitsu guy. Everything about him screams Jiu Jitsu, you know what I’m saying. I think that he’ll be ok. The fact that he’s passionate about it, willing to learn, and he’s a student, makes me think that he’s going to be good because, I’ve never seen anyone that’s so passionate about something and is willing to learn, be a failure. Even if they didn’t have a good record in fighting, they became great coaches. So I think regardless he’s going to be successful in one way or the other in MMA.”