Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000?

Kimbo Slice

Bellator MMA hit the jackpot with Kimbo vs. Shamrock and now many are wondering if they can do that again.

If the fight proved one thing, it’s that Kimbo Slice can still bring the viewers in. Obviously matching him up with Shamrock also had a lot to do with it, with their history and all. So, who should Bellator find for Kimbo to fight next?

Kimbo’s coach and former WEC champion and UFC fighter Mike Brown told MMAJunkie that he heard a name floating around.

“There’s a few options, I think, but one local fight that’s down here would be the guy who just put out the documentary.”

“That could build some local interest in Florida. I don’t know if it has the same push as the Shamrock fight, obviously. But that would be something that I wouldn’t mind seeing. I think it would do really well in Florida.”

The guy he’s referring to is Dhafir Harris, or Dada5000. Harris used to be bodyguard for Slice, before leaving to start his own backyard brawling promotion. That part of Harris’ life was documented in the Netflix documentary ‘Dawg Fight’.

Brown admits it might not have the national appeal that Shamrock vs Kimbo had, but in Florida, the home of both Slice and 5000, he thinks it would do well.

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