Khabib on Diaz: ‘I want to smash his face and knock him out’

Flipping the bird

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Undefeated UFC lightweight, Khabib Nurmagomedov, is looking for a big fight upon his return to the cage.

He told Bleacher Report that when he’s all the way healed up from his knee injury he would like to fight former champion Anthony Pettis. The two have history, sort of. They’ve been known to throw quick jabs at each other in the form of tweets.

Another fighter Khabib has history with, and also wouldn’t mind fighting, is UFC lightweight Nate Diaz. Their history is a little more physical. The two were involved in a brawl at a recent WSOF event. It was basically Khabib and his crew vs. Nate and his crew.

Khabib says that if the UFC were to offer him a fight with Diaz then he would of course take it and attempt to ‘teach him a lesson’.

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“If the UFC gives me that fight, I’m happy to do it because I want to smash this guy. I want to take him down, smash his face with hard elbows and knock him out. I have to teach this guy respect. He started a fight with me at [WSOF] and there were a lot of women and children in the crowd. We are professional fighters and we are supposed to stay professional. I know sometimes you get emotional, but you have to stay professional. If someone wants to punch you and wants to smash you, then you have to protect yourself and that’s why I [fought] with him at [the] show. In the arena, I told myself to stay calm and not to fight. I kept calm and professional, but the second time he started a fight, I went crazy too. It was me and my team and him and his, but after his team started running, a lot of police came. I didn’t start the fight. He started it, but I have to protect myself. I’m a professional fighter. I’m a UFC fighter and I can kill someone in the street. I could do it easily if I had to, but we are supposed to be professional. The skills we know aren’t supposed to be used that way, and that’s why we have to always be professional because this is very dangerous. If the UFC gives me the chance to fight him inside the Octagon, I will do it because he needs to be taught a lesson.”

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