Khabib Nurmagomedov Slams ‘Paper Champion’ Pettis

Khabib Nurmagomedov PNG

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been campaigning for a title shot recently. Prior to UFC 178, ‘The Eagle’ took aim at co-main event fighter Donald Cerrone, who many believe has earned a title shot (Read about it HERE).

Now Khabib has shifted his sights back to lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, who is currently slated to fight Gilbert Melendez at UFC 181 in December.

He joined MMAJunkie to explain why he believes he deserves a title shot.

“Everybody knows I deserve a title shot. I am an undefeated fighter who is 6-0 in UFC. In the (official UFC) rankings, I’m No. 2 after Gilbert Melendez. I think Anthony Pettis is scared. He’s never had a good wrestling opponent, now I’m a contender. I have very good wrestling, and Anthony Pettis has only the lucky punch. I think he understands this, and he doesn’t want this fight.”

“Anthony Pettis is a pretty boy. He’s a playboy. He’s very beautiful and he’s good to market. But the real champion is Khabib Nurmagomedov. Everybody knows. I sent him the message on Twitter. He didn’t give an answer. I see he’s scared. He only likes striking guys. He doesn’t like wrestling guys who are aggressive with top control. I deserve my title shot; give me my title shot.”

“He’s the champion, but he’s not a true champion. He hasn’t had a defense in one-and-a-half years. He has no defense of the belt. He won the belt, yes, but he’s a paper champion. I think he’s a paper champion. Everyone knows I am the true champion. The next fight, I deserve a title shot. This belt is mine. If UFC says I have a title shot, it will be very good for me. It’s my big dream.”

“I look for Anthony Pettis at UFC 178, but I couldn’t find him. I wanted to say, ‘Let’s go! I deserve my title shot. Why you shut up and not say my name?’ I follow his Instagram, and I see every time he parties, and I think he’s a playboy. All my life I’m training hard. I’m training in mountains, I’m wrestling with bears, and all my life I’m training.

“My message for Pettis is, ‘Please don’t be scared. Everyone says Khabib is the next lightweight contender. Why you don’t listen? I know you want only striking guys, but my spirit, my top control and my aggression is no good for you. You’re scared. Next year, your belt is not your belt. Your belt is my belt.”

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