Kennedy Slams “Smaller And Fatter” No TRT Belfort

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Tim Kennedy is currently gearing up for his UFC 178 main card bout tomorrow against Yoel Romero, however that hasn’t stopped Kennedy from taking some time to talk trash to Vitor Belfort.

Kennedy spoke to MMAFighting about PED usage in MMA, and why people who say it’s okay, are dead wrong.

“Have one of those people bitching about it go fight somebody who’s on performance enhancing drugs and have their shin put up against their head. Spinning heel kick them. It’s a bunch of people behind a keyboard complaining about performance enhancing drugs and why we shouldn’t be whining about it. This isn’t baseball. We’re not hitting balls out of a park. We’re not kicking a soccer ball, we’re not riding a bicycle. We’re trying to knock each other out. It changes the use of PEDs a little bit.”

“Guess what? Steroids work. They do. You want to look like Vitor did two years ago? Use steroids. You want to perform like he did? Use steroids. They’re amazing. If you want to look like how Vitor looks now, don’t use steroids and then try to compete against guys like us that work hard.”

When asked for his thoughts on the fight Kennedy said the following:

“30-percent chance [Belfort] doesn’t show up. 45-percent chance that he tests positive or gets hurt. So, 25-percent chance he shows up on fight night,”

“If he makes it, that means he hasn’t been using because he’ll get tested, and he’ll get murdered. If he doesn’t make it, it’s because he realized that he has no chance without his magic juice.”

And how would Kennedy describe no-TRT Vitor Belfort?

“Smaller and fatter”

By Evan Stoumbelis

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