Kennedy Blasts Bisping In Blog, ‘The Count’ Offers Up Rivera Treatment

Ahead of their headlining stint at the TUF Nations Finale next month, Tim Kennedy, has taken to Yahoo Sports! with a personal blog about the event.

Here’s some excerpts:

“I’ve wanted to fight Mike since his bout against my friend, Jorge Rivera, a little more than three years ago at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia. He kneed Jorge illegally and then spat on his corner, and as far as I was concerned that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bisping was loud, obnoxious, and a jerk, but when he fights one of my friends and fights dirty and does illegal things and should have gotten disqualified and wasn’t and then spits on Jorge’s corner, it’s like, ‘Now you’ve gone too far.'”

“Is he a jerk because he’s a loudmouth who likes to talk a lot? Is he a jerk because of what he did three years ago fighting against a friend of mine? Is it his overall dislikeability? Yes to all of that, but it’s how he fights. I think he fights dirty. I don’t even know how many times he’s eye-poked an opponent. He has to hold the record. I’m going to have to talk to FightMetric about that. He probably holds the record for the most significant eye-pokes in the UFC. That’s pretty telling. He does a whole bunch of things. I couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing.”

“He likes to trash talk and has done a lot of it on Twitter. We’ve traded insults back and forth in social media, but I don’t think there’s anything he can say that would have an effect on me. He can make fun of my family. He can make fun of my military service in the Green Berets. I don’t really respect the guy, so what’s he going to say that’s going to hurt my feelings? I’ll handle things myself. I kind of take everything he says with a grain of salt. I don’t care what he says.”

Michael Bisping read this blog and offered up the following:

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