Used “True Jiu Jitsu” To Beat Brandon Thatch

Benson Henderson

The hosts of Stud Show Radio (formerly Team Alpha Radio) Justin Buchholz and Sir Stud boy (Chris Carlino) talked with callers about the recent UFC fights, including the fight between Benson Henderson and Brandon Thatch.

Buchholz gave his thoughts on the fight and on Henderson’s impressive win.

“Benson moving up, taking the fight on short notice, he’s tough man, he’s a former world champion and that’s no joke. I was just impressed by Benson, from what I heard about the fight I think Benson beat him with some true Jiu-jitsu. Just take the beating, make the guy expel his energy and he ended up gassing out the guy who was a local to 9000 feet elevation. Benson always impresses me and he had a toothpick in his mouth the whole time.”

“I’m always impressed by Henderson, he’s really creative, he punches the leg sometimes, he kicks the calf and he’s good at wrestling. I saw him when he fought Pettis– and Benson would do, I think he was on his 8th five minute round, in the gi, and I think it was two days before way-ins. He’s rolling with his team, in the gi, a fresh guy would come in every five minutes. I think he was on his 8th round, so that’s 40 minutes rolling in the gi, going one-hundred percent. And his coach was scoring, giving him jiu-jitsu points. That’s like two days before way-ins. That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever seen.”

The Stud Show Radio Main Event Breakdown Is Below:

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter


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