Julianna Pena — ‘Hype Before Title Shot’


“No, they put a lot of words into my mouth all the time and they always want to bring up Ronda all the time and they always want to make it look like I have this massive beef with her… My issue is that I want to be a champion one day and I didn’t get into this sport to be a top ten fighter. I feel like the best approach for me is to continue to take fights and build my name out there, build some hype, and to get people interested in a fight like that. That way I can be more financially set up for myself in the future when that time does come, and I think that only happens by taking more fights.

“And so, It’s not like I think I can just leapfrog everybody and just be like, oh I beat this girl, give me a title shot. I’m not crazy, and I’m not selfish like that. So I think it just makes sense to give me a couple more fights, and then if the boss says ‘ok, you ready,’ then I’m ready. I’ll do whatever they tell me to.”

In a recent interview on MMA Hour, Julianna Pena shared that she wants a couple more fights under her belt before she fights for a UFC championship.

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