Josh Barnett And Roy Nelson Agree To Fight

Josh Barnett
An intriguing heavyweight fight between Roy “Big Country” Nelson and Josh Barnett has been agreed upon by the fighters.

While nowhere near official, the two heavyweights have agreed to square off, following a discussion on twitter.

Check it:

Daniel Phillips ‏@DanPhillips1988
Hey @roynelsonmma, Would you be open to performing at @MetamorisPro ? Would love to see you grapple against @JoshLBarnett. . @RalekGracie

Josh Barnett ‏@JoshLBarnett

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma
That would be awesome, but we fight first better $$$

Josh Barnett ‏@JoshLBarnett
Well you do seem to be a glutton for punishment.

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma
•Sounds like plan @danawhite @arielhelwani It has been set
•it will happen because this fight is AWESOME FOR FANS @DanPhillips1988 @JoshLBarnett @ufc @danawhite @arielhelwani @seanshelby @joerogan

Josh Barnett @JoshLBarnett
•I’m down. If guys like us say go you know we’ll follow through.