Josh Barnett Breaks Down This Weekends Heavyweight Main Event | UFC NEWS

“Here’s the deal – Cain doesn’t get his takedown game going with his distance on his striking early on, and Junior’s dictating pace and distance on stopping the takedown, it’s going his way. Bombs away, he’s going to take him out. I don’t think he’s going to one-punch him again cause he’s not normally — he’s not normally a one-punch guy as you’ve seen, but his accuracy is very high and he’ll pick Cain apart. If Cain can get his takedown game, his timing on fighting Junior to initiate and score the takedown early on, if he can get it going and be successful with it, he can win that fight.”

Top heavyweight fighter and former UFC champion, Josh Barnett, tells Joe Rogan on his podcast how he thinks this weekends UFC 155 main event will play out.

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