Joseph Duffy ‘Definitely’ down for McGregor Rematch


The last man to beat Conor McGregor has recently signed to the UFC and he’s ready to repeat history, if need be.

His words: (via The MMA Hour)

“When I fought [Conor McGregor], I knew he was good straight away. I can’t say that I knew he would get to this level and blow up so quick to the point where he brings the UFC to Ireland singlehandedly. I wouldn’t say I knew he’d be this big, but I knew after fighting him that he had the potential to go far.

“I would say that he had the self belief in his from Day 1. He’s obviously a showman, and I think that stayed with him throughout his career.”

“Yeah, of course [I would fight Conor again]. We’re both in the fight business and that’s our job. Our job’s to fight, and now ask too many questions. So, you know, if that fight came up down the line, then yeah, definitely. Who doesn’t want to be fighting one of the top guys in the world?”