Jose Aldo to Connor Mcgregor: “I’m 100% right now”

It may not have been directed at him, but Jose Aldo wanted to clear the air and let everyone know, “Conor McGregor included”, that he is 100% going to show up in Las Vegas at UFC 194 to defend his belt.

The featherweight champ has dealt with McGregor’s verbal onslaught during UFC 189 media tour. Fortunately for Aldo, not having the extra media obligations going into UFC 194 means a more focused camp with a little less distractions.

Aldo spoke with MMA Junkie:  “I’m 100 percent; since that last fight and since I got back in it, I’ve been healed up,” Aldo said through an interpreter on the UFC 194 media conference call. “I want this fight to happen, this is when it’s going to happen, so I’m 100 percent right now.” Aldo said.

The rib injury that Aldo sustained during a training session led to Aldo pulling out of UFC 189. It’s been five months since the injury to Aldo’s rib and no further negative reports have been made since the injury.

“There’s really no difference (between this fight and my others); you’re going to see me go in there and get the win,” Aldo said. “I don’t really care how I win I just care about winning. Really the only difference is I always beat Americans and this time I’m going to beat an Irishman. To me, he’s just the same. I’ve fought a lot of the top fighters out there, and to me, he’s really just another opponent that I have to go in there and beat.”

The UFC has had only one featherweight champ in Jose Aldo with all his fights being high profile fights. McGregor, on the other hand, has come into his own with taking in the big fights in Dublin and Vegas.

When asked about the challenger Aldo replied, “Nothing’s changed; he’s still the joker to me. He did good work, he’s bringing me money, but it’s still the same for me. … The guy’s worked for me; he’s basically making me money, so how could I be angry at him? I think he did very good for the weight class, so I’m happy with that.”

With all the attention that McGregor brings to the “show”, Aldo has no problems cashing in undisclosed PPV bonuses. We’ll more than likely see what “Notorious” will be driving or buying with his PPV cut.

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