Jose Aldo Not Concerned With Length Of Layoff Or Interim Titles

“No chance at all (Will they rush the injury rehab). He’s already felling better. He did some light training Monday and didn’t feel anything. We will decide this week when he’ll be able to train hard again and then we’ll know if he can fight in October. He wants to fight as soon as possible, and it would be great to fight (in Rio) in October, but I don’t know if that will work. It’s too soon to give you an answer about fighting in October.”

“The UFC can do anything they want, actually. If they want to create two or three interim titles, they can do it. But I will also ask for an interim title for (Anthony) Pettis, who hasn’t fought since August, and (Cain) Velasquez, who hasn’t fought since October. I haven’t heard any talks about interim title for those guys, so I don’t see why an interim title for Aldo. It’s unfair. The reason for creating an interim title is time, and Aldo is the one to fight most recently among these three.”

In a recent interview with, Jose Aldo’s head coach gave an update on the UFC featherweights champs condition.

Aldo was forced to pull out of his Los Angeles bout against Chad Mendes and is currently awaiting clearance to resume training.

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