Jorge Masvidal: ‘Not one person’ Is Happy About the IV Ban

Jorge Masivdal

Jorge Masvidal WINS

The way fighters cut weight may have been changed forever after the USADA implemented a new rule banning fighter from utilizing IVs to rehydrate. While the rule does not come into play until October 1st, many fighters have already voiced their disproval of the new rule.

Jorge Masvidal made the switch from lightweight to welterweight just in time, he claims.

“I was definitely done with 155, then when I heard they ended up banning IVs I was like, there’s no way I can make 55,” Masvidal told MMA Fighting. “I lose about 18 pounds the last two days [when competing at 155] of just straight water, so for me, to take the IVs away, there’s no way I could make 55. If it was…let’s say they just banned 170, that it was either 55 or 85, I’d go to 185 before I’d go to 55.”

Masvidal is aware that fighters are not happy about the banning of IVs after weigh ins, but he also hasn’t heard any rumbling of fighters moving up in weight because of it.

“I’ve heard more complaining and bitching and stuff, I haven’t officially heard from guys that they are going to go up in weight,” he said. “But I have not heard, not one person who is happy about it. I just don’t understand, if what they can explain to us exactly why. They’re saying it’s because of steroids, that you can filter out the steroids with IVs and stuff, but, I mean, I don’t know. There has to be a way that we can get hydrated and keep it safe.”

Do you think the new rule is better for the sport? Will we see some major changes in weight classes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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