Jones Tired Of Chuck Liddell Talk, Invites Him To Super Fight To Settle Beef


Jon Jones is tired of Chuck Liddell talking smack and invites him to back up the talk, inside the cage.

This all happened during tonight’s UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1:

“You gotta expect Chuck to have his boy’s back. That’s what he’s doing. He has been coming out and saying a lot of other stuff like, he would walk through my punches if he fought me. That he would beat me in his prime and all this type of stuff.

I’m not going to sit here and insult Chuck. He’s a very loved person by the masses, so I’m just going to keep my mouth shut. But I mean it’s like come on Chuck, just knock it off. I respect you.

When asked if Liddell’s Executive Seat with the UFC was a conflict of interest Jones replied,

“Ya i think it is a little bit (of a conflict of interest). At the end of the day if Chuck wants to come out of retirement I welcome him to a super-fight.”

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