Jones: “I’m the bad guy for this storyline and I’ll play the bad guy”

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“I was definitely confused by them doing that. Especially them using the part, ‘I’ll kill you,’ when I said that. It was definitely, I thought it was a little… it was different for them to use that footage. But you know, I said it, and I just kinda own up to it. I haven’t really made a stink about it, because it is what I said. I wasn’t expecting it to get out there, but it did.

“And you know, it was a lesson well learned for me. Be careful what I say. I definitely would never like to say something like that on live television just for the sake of young kids and some of my Christian fans and things like that. You know, that is who I am, and it just kinda got brought to the light.”

“At the end of the day, it’s good material and it’s great entertainment.”

“It’s just easy to paint me as the instigator. It changes the storyline. I think a lot of people want me to be the bad guy, so it seems like the media has kind of painted me to be the bad guy. And I’m okay with that. I’m comfortable with that. Ultimately I know that as long as I win, as long as I have a great team and family, and life is great, I’m coming up in the world, it doesn’t really matter if I’m the good guy or the bad guy. Every actor has his phases. Artists change their names. Fighters change their names in different stages of their career. So you know, I’m the bad guy right now for this storyline and I’ll play the bad guy.”

During a recent chat with, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones elaborated on his feelings regarding the UFC’s latest promotional trailer for his upcoming fight.



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