Jon Jones: “I would never bring my belt out to the cage”

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“I would never bring my belt out to the cage. When I fought Shogun, his brother Ninja Rua brought the belt out to the cage. And when I was in the cage and I saw Ninja was holding the belt over Shogun, I remember feeling this feeling in my heart that there was nothing in the Octagon that could happen where I wouldn’t leave without that belt. It reminded me why I was there, what I was there for.”

“I’m watching Shogun, and then I just see that belt and all my nervousness went away. Everything went away. I was like, ‘whoa, the belt is right there. I can view this. It’s so close. I’m probably going home with the belt.’ I just became superhuman after that and that’s probably why Shogun lost so much. That belt, I got to see it right before the fight. You dangled it over me.”

“For the contender, just to see that right before the match?. It’s like drinking a gallon of water right before walking into the desert, you know what I mean?”

During the UFC’s recent, ‘The Time is Now’ Press Conference (Replay), UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones explained why he never brings out his belt on fight night.


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