Jon Fitch: Nick Diaz’s suspension is unifying the fighters

Jon Fitch

Nick Diaz’s suspension lit the mixed martial arts community on fire last week when it was announced the Nevada State Athletic Commission would be suspending the UFC fighter for five years. One of Diaz’s post fight drug test came back positive for marijuana and they chose to make an example out of the repeated offender with a drastic suspension. Everybody from Ronda Rousey to Gina Carano spoke out against the commission.

World Series of Fighting fighter Jon Fitch believes it could be time for fighters to stand up for themselves.

“It’s could’ve been that’s what they were looking for, was an ass-kissing,” Fitch told MMA Fighting. “They wanted somebody to kiss their boots. They’ll pat you on the head, then after you kiss their boots, they give you a lighter sentence. Who knows? I mean, it’d be really corrupt and telling if that was it, and me speaking about this now, if consequences come down on me, we’ll all know that there’s some serious truth to it.”

“I think fighters are starting to have enough. We’ve had enough of being treated the way we’re treated.”

Fitch went on to compare the Diaz/NSAC sitiuation with the pre-season hoopla between Tom Brady and the NFL. “It’s just sad, especially when you contrast the Nick Diaz situation, no fighters’ association to help him out and have his back, to Tom Brady and the NFL Players’ Association having his back and getting the suspension overturned.”

Do you think Fitch has a point? Is it time for players to stand up for themselves against the powers that be? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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