John Dodson Proclaims: ‘I Am The Savior Of The Flyweight Division’

John Dodson

UFC flyweight John Dodson is very confident in his abilities. The fighter wants so badly to show fans that the 125 lb. division can be exciting.

The whole division has suffered criticism from fans who claim that the division is stagnant and boring, always going to decisions because of the lack of KO power. Those are of course some fans opinions, not all.

Dodson thinks if he can get to the title and claim it then he can save the division and be it’s “savior”. Check out what he had to say on The MMA Hour.

“We always thought it was going to be Ian McCall, but Ian McCall hasn’t been able to perform the way that he wants to. So I guess I can step up and say that I am the savior of the flyweight division. If everybody wants to have a last hope for [the division], it’d be me.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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