Joe Warren: ‘I Could Win The Olympics Right Now’


The Bellator bantamweight champion was a guest on Stud Show Radio on Tuesday an talked for a while about his career as a wrestler and as an MMA fighter. When on the subject of wrestling Warren gave his thoughts on the sport and what he thinks is the toughest thing anyone can do on this planet.

“The majority of high-level wrestlers that win after wrestling, in MMA, they’re Greco wrestlers.”

“The toughest thing you can do in the world is win a NCAA Division 1 National Championship.”

Later on in the show Warren talked about still going to the olympic training center to train with wrestlers there. Warren threw out there that he could still win the olympics, if he got paid.

“Yup I still roll in there and I still could win the Olympics next year, if they pay me.”

“Yeah I could win the Olympics right now. The problem is I’d have to stop fighting and fighting supports my family, so if I take that away nothings supporting the family.”

We’ve included the clip of Warren below:

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter

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