Joe Rogan — ‘I will not support Metamoris’

Joe Rogan

It has recently come out that the Metamoris grappling promotion is inking their athletes to exclusive deals.

In short, what they are trying to do is become the UFC of Submission Grappling, and limit their athletes to only compete within their network.

One of the promotion’s biggest stars has spoken out against their new contract angle, when he declined to link up with Metamoris on an exclusive deal. That star is submission ace, Garry Tonon.

Tonon recently released the following statement regarding Metamoris’ shift in policy.


Tonon Statement


If the press wasn’t bad enough for the growing grappling promotion, UFC commentator Joe Rogan also came out, and spoke against Metamoris, when this same topic hit the infamous underground forums.

Joe Stated, “That’s pathetic. I will not support them now. They also don’t hold nearly enough events for athletes to stay sharp enough to compete at their best if they competed exclusively for them. This is a horrible way to approach what has the potential to be a huge sport.”

Rogan, a proud 10th planet blackbelt trains directly under Eddie Bravo, a competitor to not only the Gracie family, but to the Metamoris promotion itself, as he owns and operates the Eddie Bravo Invitational, another submission only grappling event.



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