Joe Rogan On Fighters Side Regarding Reebok Pay!

Joe Rogan Instagram Pic

Joe Rogan Instagram Pic

UFC commentator Joe Rogan isn’t afraid to speak his mind and share his thoughts, especially on his podcast.

During the most recent episode, Rogan talked quite a bit about UFC’s deal with Reebok and all the negative backlash it has received from fans and the fighters.

“Is it a big-named brand? Yeah. Is it good to see a big-named brand attached to a sport like the UFC? Yeah, absolutely! But I feel like whenever you’re in a situation where the fighters are going to lose money, that’s always the number-one concern that people have. Everybody knows the window of opportunity for the fighter is extremely small. They have a few years to make some money. When you take some of that money away from them in favor of prestige; the prestige, which is inarguable. Reebok’s a huge brand. It’s great to be in business with a big brand, but if it costs fighters money, you can’t not see that.

“People aren’t going to put blinders on and ignore that. You have to address that.”

Rogan seems to just be saying that if the fighters are losing money, than someone needs to think about that and fix the issue. And it does seem like a lot of fighters are getting the short end of this deal, with Tim Kennedy recently coming forward and saying that he made more sponsorship money for one fight in Strikeforce than all of the fighters on UFC Fight Night 73 made combined from Reebok. That’s pretty bad.

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