Joe Rogan: Holm knocking out Rousey was ‘great for MMA’

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Holly Holm shocked the world at “UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm” when she sent Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey crashing to the canvas in the second round of their championship fight. Time stood still as Rousey lay on her back, staring at the lights, before quickly resuming after Holm crashed her fist into Rousey’s face for good measure. The referee tore Holm off of Rousey, solidifying Holm’s spot at the top of the division.

Before the fight started, not many fans gave Holm a chance. The narration of stars like Joe Rogan shifted the momentum of the fight in Rousey’s favor and with good reason; She truly was the most dominant woman in the world and could still remain the best on the planet. The fact of the matter is that Holm was better that night, and even Rogan thinks it’s good for the sport.

“As a person, I’m sad for [Ronda Rousey’s] loss, that this happened to her,” Rogan said on his Joe Rogan Experience. “But Holly Holm is a great person, too. They’re two great competitors. And I think ultimately what happened last night, yesterday is great for martial arts. It’s great for MMA. Even though it was terrible for Ronda and I feel terrible for her, I feel great for Holly Holm.”

Regardless of how badly she lost, White already mentioned it made perfect sense for Rousey to be next in line for a shot at Holm’s championship. Rousey has defended the title several times and the fight could see a different result if Rousey goes back to her roots of taking the fight to the ground while grappling. Who do you think will walk out of the rematch as the champion? Will Holm escape with her hands raised again, or will Rousey take back what she believes to be her’s? Share your thoughts and make your predictions in the comment section below!

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