Joe Riggs: “Nick Diaz is a f**king mongoloid”

“Nick Diaz is a f**king mongoloid. He doesn’t even know what he talks about. He’s a guy who will see a word in the dictionary and just regurgitate the word and put it to no use. It makes no sense what he’s talking about. I’d love to beat the sh*t out of him. Actually, I’d like to box him because he thinks he has good hands, but that’s besides the point.”

True, Nick Diaz and Joe Riggs have a storied history. And despite besting the older Diaz brother in their one and only meeting at UFC 57, Joe Riggs still holds a grudge.

In this recent clip from an interview with ‘The MMA Hour’, ‘Diesel’, still had plenty to say about Nick, even offering up a second meeting inside a ring.


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