Joe Lauzon Wants To Be Remembered As An Exciting Finisher Not A Decision Guy | UFC NEWS

“I’ve had a couple fights I lost, that didn’t go my way, like I lost to Sam Stout, but I think way more people are going to remember the exciting fight that Jamie (Varner) and I had, and the awesome finish than they’re going to remember me fighting Sam Stout or something like that. I just go out there and try to have exciting fights and I think that really sticks with people. Finishes like that are what I want to leave people. I want someone in 10 years to be like, ‘oh you remember that Lauzon fight that ended like this?’ and luckily my style works for that. I’m super aggressive, especially when it comes to submissions. I want to have exciting fights where people talk about it for years. I don’t want to have boring fights to where I have a good record, but it’s decision after decision after decision… That’s just not me.”

UFC lightweight fighter Joe Lauzon talking to MMAWeekly Radio about his career, fighting style and the legacy he hopes to leave behind as a fighter.


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