Jared Rosholt preparing for Stefan Struve with ‘all kinds of stupid stuff’

For many, fighting 6’11 dutch kickboxer Stefan Struve is a very tall order (pun intended), however Jared Rosholt and his camp have been doing some interesting things to prepare Rosholt for the size of Struve. The pair are set to throw down at UFC 193 on November 14th.

Rosholt spoke on MMAJunkie Radio to discuss how he has prepared for Struve.

“It was funny. My manager had some random guy he knew through work come in. The guy is 6’9”. He just came in to stand in front of me so I could see him. All of a sudden we’re talking to this guy who was in his khakis coming off of work. Pretty soon he was standing in the cage and letting me throw punches at him just to get a feel for it. It was kind of weird.”

“One of the black belt guys that I work with, he was making boxing shoes and taking all these sandals and cutting off the part that you slip your foot into and he was gluing them and stacking them up until they got to about six inches and sticking them in these boxing shoes,” Rosholt said. “Now he’s 6’11” and he’s moving around for me. We’re getting a little bit creative. We had a guy on stilts walking around and all kinds of stupid stuff.”

“We flew in a guy from Pennsylvania who is a kickboxer and he’s 6’11”,” Rosholt said. “He was a really good look. He just flew back to Pennsylvania this week because I’m pretty much done with the hardest part of my camp. It was a good look, very valuable to have someone that size come in.”

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