‘It’s Obvious Anderson Silva Will Never Beat Me’

Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva’s careers will forever be linked together. Regardless of whatever happens in the future, Weidman will always be known for being the man that dethroned the king. Anderson Silva suffered his first loss in years at the hands of Chris Weidman at UFC 162.

Some fans considered the victory a fluke as Silva was clowning around, though that is his usual style; to goad fighters into trading with him. Silva was not prepared for the shot and was dropped like a ton of bricks. Their rematch ended in controversial fashion as well when Weidman checked a kick that snapped Silva’s leg, causing the bout to end abruptly.

In an article for The Player’s Tribune, Weidman confessed that he wished his leg didn’t break so he could finish the fight how wanted to. “I wish his leg didn’t break. It’s not the way I’d like to finish a fight,” Weidman admitted. “I know there’s no way Anderson Silva could ever beat me, but it still bothers me that it ended that way. It’s a huge relief, though, to have the Anderson Silva part of my journey behind me”

Weidman went on to elaborate on the fact that he defeated Silva twice and there is no way “The Spider” will ever win against him. “And today, it’s clear to everyone what I’ve known to be true all along: Anderson Silva will never beat me.”

Now that the Anderson Silva saga is behind him, he wants to claim the division as his and clean it out much like Silva did years ago. “The competitor in me instantly searches for new goals. Now, I want to clear out my weight class. I want to demolish the next guy, and the next guy and the next guy. I want to beat all the fighters people think I can’t beat.”

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