‘The Question Isn’t IF Belfort Cheated, It’s How Much Did He Cheat?’


Luke Rockhold is one of the likely choices to be next in line for a shot at the UFC Middleweight Championship and he was hoping to get his hands on Vitor Belfort for a rematch. However, he was happy to see Weidman put a beating on “The Phenom” and felt like he got what he deserved.

“As nice as it would have been to fight Vitor, get my hands on some chicken neck, I wish nothing good for him,” Rockhold told MMAFighting. “He doesn’t deserve it. I wanted to see Vitor get beat up. I’m happy he got what he deserved.”

Rockhold did not sugarcoat what he thought of Belfort and accused him of still cheating despite being off testosterone replacement therapy. “… He didn’t look the same, even though he was still cheating.” He continued, “I truly believe that. Test results don’t come out like that. Testosterone doesn’t fluctuate for an older man like that. It is not if he’s cheating, it’s how much is he cheating. To look like that and still be using is pretty sad, man.”

Vitor Belfort did sport a noticeable size difference at UFC 187 in his first fight since being banned from using TRT. During the UFC 187 weigh ins, Weidman accused Belfort of cheating which led to an on-stage confrontation between the co main-eventers which was separated by UFC officials.

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