Interim? ‘I Am The Featherweight Champion Of The World!’

interim featherweight champion

Conor McGregor UFC 189

Remember when Conor McGregor was humble in victory after UFC 189? Yeah that phase has passed. In a recent interview on ESPN’s Sportscenter, the new UFC interim featherweight champion returned to his usual self and trashed everyone, including Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes.

He also wanted to make something very clear, he believes he is the true featherweight champion and doesn’t listen to any of this interim BS.

“I am now the world champion. You claim it’s the interim champion, but Jose went running. Jose’s a scared little man who did not show up to fight and sat under his covers praying for Chad Mendes to win. His whole team were praying for Chad Mendes to win so he would not face me. But his prayers went unanswered and I dominated and won. Now I am the featherweight world champion of the UFC. We will schedule a fight against Jose in the future and see how it plays out. Hopefully he stops running and man’s up and let’s do this damn fight.”
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