ILLEGAL GLOVES? Mayweather Says, YES!

Mayweather Pac 4

Floyd Mayweather has been quite antagonistic despite being so quiet in front of the media. It seems like a lot of “Money’s” mind-games are being played behind the scenes rather than on the microphone.

Mayweather already asked the Nevada State Athletic Commission to check out Pacquiao’s cup. Now, he is asking them to investigate his gloves.

ESPN reports that Mayweather requested the NSAC look into what material Pac-Man’s gloves contain. “Shortly after Friday’s weigh-in at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Pacquiao’s camp was informed by the commission that Mayweather’s representatives contested the use of Pacquiao’s preferred Reyes-manufactured boxing gloves…. According to those close to the situation, a contract exists between the two camps that states Mayweather will wear Grant-manufactured gloves, Pacquiao will wear Reyes gloves and neither set can be horse-hair-style boxing gloves. It’s common for the inside padding of boxing gloves to be made from horse hair, foam or a combination of both.”

Boxing gloves with mostly horse hair in them can aid a boxer in packing more power in their punch. They’ll help you with making your punches more forceful, but they are terrible in terms of protecting you hands.

All of the behind the scenes drama ends tonight when Floyd Mayweather steps into the ring with Manny Pacquiao! Come back to BJPENN.COM for live results!

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