Iaquinta: ‘Bobby Green’s Not Very Intelligent’

Al Iaquinta returns at UFC 223


UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta (‘You booing me?!’) is set to fight Bobby Green in his next fight.

Green spoke up and had some things to say about Iaquinta in a recent interview. Now, Iaquinta is speaking out in response, saying that everyone just sees Green as the guy who talks a lot, and he doesn’t seem very smart.

Here’s what he said on The MMA Hour:

“Maybe he’s playing up the whole WWF, acting thing. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit, but he doesn’t seem too intelligent, his team doesn’t seem too intelligent. There’s a reason I’m where I’m at. Guys like Bobby Green don’t train where I’m at. They get weeded out real quick. Guys like Chris Weidman, guys like Aljamain Sterling, guys like myself, don’t train where he’s at, because we’re way too smart for that. That what it is right there.”

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