‘I would turn down a UFC title fight if it took place in Las Vegas!’

Henry Cejudo UFC 215

The mixed martial arts community came together when the NSAC announced that Nick Diaz would be suspended five years for failing one of his UFC 183 drug tests for marijuana. Though he is a repeated offender, the punishment does not fit the crime and certain personalities in the MMA world believe they just wanted to make an example out of Diaz for being difficult to deal with.

Everybody from Ronda Rousey to Demetrious Johnson have voiced their disproval and signed the petition, but very few people have actively stated they would not be fighting in Nevada until the issue was fixed. Henry Cejudo was one of the first names to claim that he would be avoiding fighting in Nevada to show support of Nick Diaz.

To me it’s something that’s unjust, and I feel like as an Olympic athlete who’s now a UFC fighter it gives the… I feel like I have his side because I’ve been there before,” Cejudo told MMA Fighting. “And not to discount the fact that he passed two tests and the only test that came back negative was a test that wasn’t even credited by WADA.”

Cejudo went on to state that he believed Diaz was actually targeted by the USADA as he was tested three times in one day. “I think they really need to look into this thoroughly, and check them out, because like I said, Nick Diaz was targeted,” Cejudo explained. “And that’s not right. Never in my life have I been tested — and I’ve trained all across the world, I’ve been to so many countries — never have I been tested three times in a the span of a day.”

The olympian wrapped up with perhaps the boldest statement of them all: Even if he was offered a title fight in Nevada, he would pass it up until something was done about the Nevada State Athletic Commission. “I’m just here to take a step for my personal view, and I just couldn’t do it. Even if that means leaving the belt on the line and leaving somebody else to fight whoever has that belt at that time, I’m willing to do that.”

Do you think Cejudo has taken this too far, or is he in the right for showing his support of Nick Diaz? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

MMA’S Best React To Nick Diaz 5 Year Suspension
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