Holm knew all along that Rousey was beatable

Since winning the UFC women’s bantamweight championship Holly Holm has been making her rounds on various high-profile talk shows to discuss her historic UFC 193 win over Ronda Rousey.

With that being said, Holm has had plenty of opportunities to criticize Rousey for the one-sided fight, yet she hasn’t taken any of them.

In fact, Holm has publicly defended Rousey from critics on numerous occasions.

On a recent ESPN Radio appearance, Holm discussed why she knew Rousey was beatable.

“I think she was really able to run though people, though. She was kind of able to run through the girls in the division, but yes, everybody is beatable. I knew that. I’m not as bold as Chael to go out and say that. There was media around her but she was able to go in and take care of these girls so I hate to say that she’s all hype. That’s not what it is.

“She’s been able to do well with all of this pressure on her and she’s been able to perform. I don’t take anything away from her performance but I’m one of those that believe every fighter is beatable and I didn’t want to listen to all the hype. That’s why I was able to get in there and do my business.”

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