Holly Holm Never Wants To Win ‘Fight of The Night’

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UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Holly Holm is coming off a dominant decision victory over Marion Reneau at last week’s UFC Fight Night event in San Diego.

Holm was able to out point Reneau for three rounds by using a high volume of strikes and some solid takedown defense. However, even in victory, Holm was unable to meet the expectations of some fans and critics (via: MMAFighting):

“I’m a little upset with myself for not going forward a little sooner.” stated Holm. “I think I could’ve stopped her early.”

With that said, Holm does not plan on trying to ‘force’ a finish in her next octagton appearance:

“There’s a lot of ways to look at it from the outside that a lot of people don’t understand and I really don’t let it bother me because I don’t want to get in there and think, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve really gotta show what I’m worth to all these people who are sitting behind a computer on Twitter.’ I don’t even think about that before a fight. I think about a victory and what I need to do to get a win.”

“Even the whole time in my boxing career, I always have done a lot of footwork and a lot of movement. That’s part of my style. Everybody has their own style. Even in boxing, sometimes they would call me a runner because I wasn’t there to get hit. Yet, I was landing all the punches and that is the whole point of a boxing fight, to hit and not get hit.”

Holm went a step further by saying that she sincerely hopes to never be on the receiving end of a “Fight of the Night” bonus, since that means that she put herself through a more difficult fight than she should have. Her words:

“I tell people all the time I don’t ever want Fight of the Night because that means I took too many shots,” Holm says. “I want Performance of the Night. I want Knockout of the Night or Submission of the Night, but I do not want Fight of the Night because that means you don’t even know who won. That means it’s too close to tell. I want a dominating performance. That is me, personally.”

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