Highlight KO’s Top 5 Video: UFC 194 “Brutal Finishers”


Knockouts are the end result of patience, timing, and many moves and sequences that position a fighter to create his/her “right place, right time” scenario. ┬áSure, we’ve all seen many fighters get KO’d quick into the first round, but when you’re talking about the elite, it’s a chess-match type mental game that doesn’t allow fighters many errors.

Dana White is always urging to make a point every season on TUF on how finishes and exciting fights are all he wants to see on the show. Truth be known that the UFC is a business and a lucrative one that thrives on entertaining fans around the world. One of those forms of entertainment is the the KO or TKO.

The top 5 knockouts are from past fights of some of the fighters on this upcoming UFC 194 card. With Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor, and Chris Weidman on the list, why wouldn’t you watch devastating slow-motion, poetry in motion? Enjoy the video.

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