Herrig: ‘Lucky VanZant’s believing her own hype’


“When I heard Paige called me ‘predictable’ and a ‘stepping stone,’ at first I was like, ‘What the f–k,’ but then I kind of chuckled a bit to myself because she said after she gets through me and makes her way to Carla (Esparza) that her wrestling would be as good as Carla’s by then. I realized then that she either is starting to believe her own hype or just doesn’t understand what it takes to become elite at something like Carla is at wrestling. I have nothing against Paige, and I’m excited for anyone or anything that brings attention to WMMA and especially the strawweight division, so this is going to be a fun fight.”

“The truth of the matter is, I think Paige is right when she says she is lucky to have been able to bypass being on ‘TUF,’ because I don’t think she would have done very well. Every girl in that house, whether I liked them or not, was the best in the world — every one of them. I was picked to fight Paige, but I know every girl in the house would have taken this fight in a heartbeat. I’m glad Paige had a great performance in her debut because on April 18 it will only drive home the fact that the best girls in the division were in that house with me.”

In a new interview with FOX Sports, Felice Herrig dished on her upcoming opponent, Paige VanZant (pictured).

The two meet at UFC on FOX 15, in April.