Hendo: My Eyelid Was Sliced Open, I Knew Something Was Wrong

Dan Hendo Henderson via internet

Dan Henderson’s night ended earlier than he had hoped. He protested the knockout and stated he was fine, but he did not deny there was something seriously wrong with his eye.

Gegard Mousasi landed a soft blow that glanced across and cut the eye of Dan Henderson. Mousasi pointed to the eye of Henderson and motioned for the referee to check it out, but the fight went on. After the event, Henderson confirmed the eye injury. “My eyelid was sliced open. I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t see out of it. It didn’t feel like a hard punch… I have to stay an extra day and let them stitch it up… He clipped me a little bit and you guys saw what happened.”

It was an unfortunate ending to such a promising fight. Do you think the referee stopped it early? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!