Henderson’s Unconcerned About Head Trauma Following KO Loss To Mousasi


Last night in the co-main event of “UFC Fight Night Stockholm”, Dan Henderson was TKO’d for the second time in his career. While that isn’t cause for worry, Henderson is a 44 year-old veteran has had 43 bouts throughout his professional MMA career, leaving many to worry if the former Pride FC champion needs to retire after being KO’d twice in the span of 4 bouts, and losing 5 of his last 6.

He spoke about his potential retirement at the post-fight press conference:

“Tonight I felt fine the whole time. I’m real careful in practice and train smart. I feel good. It was just an unfortunate thing tonight, but I feel completely fine and healthy.”

“I have no idea (if I’ll fight again). I’ve got to see the specialist in the morning as far as stitching it up. It probably looks worse than it is. The eyelid was sliced open, and it needs to be stitched up by an eye specialist. I’ve never had that kind of injury before. I rarely get caught in a fight, and I can imagine it will heal like any other stitches.”

“I’ll probably stay (at 185), it doesn’t matter. My body felt great and I felt fine. The weight cut was fairly easy. Naturally I weigh fairly light anyway. I was kind of tired of pushing around these big guys.”

Do you think it’s time for Henderson to close the book on his historic career?