Henderson: “I shouldn’t have to defend myself from doing drugs”


“Guilty by association,” said Henderson. “It’s not a good look for the UFC fighters to consistently pop up positive, positive, positive, for all these PEDs. It’s a bad look for the sport. It’s a bad look for us fighters. I have to defend myself for doing drugs? I’m not the last guy, but I shouldn’t have to defend myself from doing drugs.

“We all know I don’t, I know I don’t, but the fact that I have to defend myself because of guilt by association, I don’t think that’s the way it should be.”

“Those PED’s, I can understand from a competitor’s aspect, all the true competitors know what it’s like to do anything – ‘I’m going to run through that wall if it gives me that much more of an edge over my competitors’ – but then there’s lines. There’s lines you cannot cross. You cannot cross this line. It’s a touchy, iffy, weird subject.”

“What you need to do is get your PEW and PEC — a performance enhancing wife and a performance enhancing coach,” said Henderson with a smile. “I’ve got both of those so I’m good.”

In a new interview with FOX Sports, former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson discussed the problem with drugs in MMA.