Help Support Troy Mandaloniz And His Family During His Long Road To Recovery

We shared this unfortunate story with you guys a while ago, but the road to recovery for former UFC fighter and TUF alum Troy Mandoloniz is still ongoing and any bit of support you can provide will go a long way.

Mandaloniz was injured back in June after falling form a ladder while working to provide for his family. There was a GoFundMe set up to help him and his family reunite and to help with the growing medical bills.

Mandaloniz is on his way to recovery, but it will be a long one. He will have to learn to do things like write all over again because of the damage done to his arm. Every little bit helps guys, even your positive words can do a lot, but if you’re looking to donate you can do so right HERE.

Here’s a recent update from Madaloniz, expressing his sincere gratitude for all the continued support:

“I can’t begin to explain how blessed I feel to have all the support that you have been showing me. Every name that is listed that donated I have seen and it is amazing to me in all these times of struggle how you took the time to look out for me and my family. I am grateful beyond words . I don’t know what my financial future has in store for me, but one thing I do know is this is helping me a lot throughout these tough times. At the time being, I’m handicapped and my wife is my full-time caretaker. She is unable to work and gain any income from my family. All of these donations are going to go a very long way. Mahalo plenty and aloha!”

Below is a summary of his situation, thanks guys and keep him and his family in your thoughts.

Aloha Friends and family of Troy “Rude Boy” Mandaloniz. As some of you may have heard, Troy was injured quite seriously on june 5. He was not injured doing something that he loved like MMA or Cowboying up at a Rodeo. Troy was injured doing what he needed to do to provide for his family. He was working humbly and bravely on an extremely tall ladder when his world and that of his family came crashing down. Troy suffered fractures not only to his head, but also his right arm which he tried to brace with. This saved his life undoubtedly, but has left him with a long and expensive recovery.

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