Help Fund UFC Veteran Brian Johnston Path to Becoming ‘Abled’

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Once a fighter, always a fighter.

UFC veteran Brian ‘Fury’ Johnston has stepped into the octagon with the likes of Ken Shamrock and Don Frye, but now he is in a battle where he could use some extra members for his training camp.

In 2001, Brian Johnston suffered the type of brain stem stroke that less than 1% of victims survive. The victims who do survive typically have severe bodily complications which cause them to pass away within a year. As per usual, Johnston fought through the struggle and adversity and was wheel chair free for almost fourteen years after the incident.

Johnston has been able to live life as normal as possible and prospered as a husband and father. However, years of avoiding mobility through wheelchair has done a great deal of damage to his body. His ability to walk is nearly gone and he is suffering falls more and more often.

This is where you can help.

By giving as little as $5, you can help Johnston’s family purchase what they need (lightweight wheelchair, motorized power scooter, wheelchair ramps, safety grab bars, etc.) to give Johnston the ability of mobility back. Even though they have reached their goal, the amount they asked for will only help for a limited time.

Please click HERE to see how you can help.

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