Hector Lombard Responds To Palhares Failed Drug Screening | UFC NEWS

In the fantastic sport of Mixed Martial Arts, it is not uncommon to see athletes with a killer instinct and drive. Sometimes the mentality of a cage fighter is that of kill or be killed.

In the lead up to the Lombard versus Palhares fight, the leg lock specialist in Rousimar went on record to say that he intended on breaking the leg of Lombard.

When the two middleweights faced off recently in Australia, the bout played out in a completely different fashion. In fact, not only did Rousimar suffer a first round defeat, but he himself broke his foot in the process.

Fast forward to present date and it was announced just a few short days ago that Rousimar Palhares was suspended for nine-months after testing positive for elevated testosterone in his system.

Hector Lombard took to FiveKnuckles.com with his reaction:

“Well, my response is like he needs to be a better person on the inside. You know? I think that the guy, something really wrong happened to him. You know? He needs to be a better person, inside and out. I say stuff about him, because he made the comment that he was going to break my leg regardless if I would have tapped or not. I don’t know what’s wrong with that guy. And now that happened to him. I mean, he’s a cheater. What else can I say? I never had respect for him from the beginning anyway. How can I have respect for a guy that intentionally breaks peoples’ legs. I cannot have respect for that guy. I think that he is a shame for the sport. The sport needs to clean up from people like him. I think that he needs to go and fight people in the street or something. This is a professional sport where you need discipline and you need to be a professional. Guys like that are bad for the UFC. They are bad for the sport. Shame on him.”

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