Hallmann Blames Commission For Failed Blood Test, Commission Says He Failed For Urine

Piotr Hallmann Win

Yesterday Piotr Hallmann took shots at the Brazilian Athletic Commission, saying their poor testing procedures, and mishandling of his blood sample led to his drug test appearing as positive (Read about that HERE), however today the Commission fired back, saying he failed his urine sample, making his argument next to irrelevant.

The commission spoke to MMAFighting about Hallmann’s allegations:

“We test every fighter on the card when they arrive at the arena on fight day. After the fight, we randomly choose four fighters, or pick four fighters, to do post-fight blood tests. For this event, we picked the main and co-main event fighters to test for HGH and testosterone. In Piotr’s case, he tested positive (for drostanolone) in his pre-fight urine test. If he wants to appeal the result, I will send the request to the UCLA Olympic Lab and they will test the second urine sample. If he’s talking about our collecting procedures, I’ll ask ABCD to send him a report of the whole procedure. But if he’s questioning our integrity and responsibility as a regulation body in Brazil, we will have a response for him. I hope that’s not the case.”

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