Gustafsson: ‘You’re Only The Real Champ If You Beat Jones’


Alexander Gustafsson will be getting another crack at the UFC light-heavyweight title when he takes on new champion Daniel Cormier.

Even if Gus does take out Cormier, he won’t consider himself the real champion. Of course we all know what happened to Jones by now. Car crash, ran from the scene, hid from the cops, turned himself in, stripped of title, suspended indefinitely, I think that’s it.

So with Jones out Cormier and Anthony Johnson fought for the chance to be the new champ. Cormier beat Johnson, who KO’d Gustafsson in his most recent fight, and now we’re here.

Somehow Gustafsson got the title shot and will be going for gold, but here’s what he told Fightland about Jones and winning the title.

“Whoever is holding the belt is the official champion, but everybody knows that the best guy out there is Jon Jones. He’s the pound for pound best guy in the world and you can probably only consider yourself a real world champion if you beat him.”

“The fight that everybody wants to see is a rematch with me and Jones. Let’s see what happens but I’m ready for that, it’s the fight that has been motivating me. I think it’s a fight that is going to happen one day, for sure.”

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