Alexander Gustafsson Says ‘It’s Been A Rough Time’ Since Losing To Rumble

Alexander Gustafsson Anthony Johnson


Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Alexander Gustafsson suffered a crushing loss when Anthony Johnson stopped him the first round of their fight back in Jan.

Gustafsson was tapped to fight Jon Jones for a second time in a highly anticipated rematch, until Johnson put a stop to that in a matter of moments, in the Swedes hometown.

Gustafsson recently spoke on the MMA Hour about that fight and how tough it was to deal with the loss.

“I was really excited for the fight, I went out there and I just made a mistake. Anthony saw that and he took advantage of it, that’s basically it. I didn’t feel any particular pressure, I felt fine. I was really excited for that fight, that’s it.

“I did a sloppy technique, I didn’t tuck my chin, I didn’t keep chin down and hands up. Anthony saw that and he did everything right, basically.”

“It’s been a rough time. But I’m back, it’s time to face everything and, I haven’t even watched the fight yet, but I will break it down, I will watch it with my team and see what went wrong there and everything. I’m back in training and I’m motivated again, and I can’t wait.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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