Gustafsson: ‘I Beat Johnson 6 Out of 7 days’

Alexander Gustafsson

“I win over Anthony Johnson six out of seven days. But, the only thing that wasn’t supposed to happen, happened. One day you are on the top, the other day you’re on the bottom. That’s how it works. Not much. I hadn’t time to show my potential. The fight didn’t last long. But I learned to have a better defense. Keep your hands up and your chin down and to be ready for anything. You can’t relax, even for a millisecond in this sport. Because that’s what happened, the fight was fast. There’s not much you can say about that fight. He hit me and he hit me good. Sometimes that’s enough. I try to face my demons. You have that doubt and lack of self confidence. You feel that you’re not good enough to be the best in the world and that’s the hardest thing about it all, something you have to go through and process. I know I have potential to be the best in the world. It’s just a damn setback when you lose like this. He’s a tough opponent who’s highly ranked. It’ll be a good fight. He likes to stand up and hit hard. We’re both strikers and we like to keep the fight on the feet. I think I have many keys to win this fight, but I have to practice everything. I see myself as a better boxer. I’m more of a technical boxer than he is. I think I’m faster than he is, I have better footwork. I’m a better MMA fighter than he is. I mix things up better than he does.”

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