‘GSP Will Come Back, But Not Interested In Title’

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Will Georges St. Pierre return or won’t he? That is the question.

Many wondered if the new UFC drug testing would bring the former UFC welterweight champion back into the octagon, since the lack of testing was cited as a reason for stepping away, and while that might be a step in getting him to return, it apparently isn’t the only reason he left.

St. Pierre’s coach, Firas Zahabi, talked to Inside MMA about the Canadian and had plenty to say about his probable return.

“He’s training like he used to train when he was preparing for a fight. I think he’ll come back and he’ll do it, but I think he’ll do it for the adventure. He’s not very much into a title. He’s not very much interested in being the most famous guy. That’s not his thing. He loves the thrill of competition. I just don’t think he will walk away.”

“Me and him both want the same thing. We both want this sport to be 100 percent clean. I think why originally he needed a break was because he had a very imbalanced life. It was just training all the time, sacrifice all the time. He needed to evolve and just have a personal life. But, the lack of drug testing is something that has always bothered him. He has always been suspicious of certain guys he’s fought. Let’s face it, how many guys have been caught in MMA on drugs? You know, there’s been a lot.”

“When they put his name on a poster again there’s gonna have to be another colossal name, an historical name next to it.”

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