GSP ‘very disappointed’ by lack of UFC support

“The only thing is that I do not know if they (UFC) are willing to support me. I thought they were ready to support me, but I was disappointed, very disappointed with this turn of events.

There are things I can not say. I do not want to get back to the UFC because it is my employer. However, I do not take journalists for idiots. They are able to read between the lines. They are able to see what happens.”

The fighter who is likely the UFC’s $5 Million Man as well as the promotion’s welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, tells the Canadian Media that he is very disappointed with his employer.

So what has the UFC’s biggest star fuming with anger?

For starters, Johny Hendricks has opted out of his original commitment to undergo random drug testing by VADA while GSP has remainedĀ knee-deep into the program.

Secondly, GSP had thought that the UFC would back his play in an attempt to clean up the sport of Mixed MArtial arts, which they have not.

The champ has since been thrown under the bus by the NSAC and the title challenger, Johny Hendricks, who all publicly agreed that the VADA testing practices along with GSP’s inquisitions were shady.

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