GSP on Nick Diaz: ‘He’s A Motherf***er Man… I’ll F*** Him Up’

I think it’s safe to say, that we’re just starting to uncover who GSP really is, as a man and person.

As a UFC champion, he was always the politician, lately though, he’s been very outspoken and unafraid to speak his mind. It’s actually a nice change.

In his new documentary, ‘The DNA of GSP’, part of the film shows camera’s following Georges through his first ACL surgery in Los Angeles.

While, still under heavy medication, St-Pierre’s, first reaction post-surgery were his thoughts on career nemesis, Nick Diaz.

Here’s how it went down.

GSP: It hurts. My knee, it hurts.

GSP’s Manager: He said, the first thing he said was, “I’m going to kick Diaz’s ass.”

GSP: He’s a motherfucker, man. He laugh now, “Yeah, yeah, he’s finished.” Wait for me to come back in a year, man. I’ll fuck him up.

He says I took steroids. I never took, never took in my life, man. People don’t believe that. Never took steroids in my life. Can’t wait, man. That’s why I told you I wanted to fight this guy so bad, so bad. I hate him so much. I hope he will win his fights all the way through, so I’ll fight him again and beat him up.

People don’t know I have a lot of demons in my head. But, I keep it inside because I’m nice. Some guys in mixed martial arts are completely insane. We’re all a litle bit off, but some are like “pfoo.” Like, me, I can fit in society normal and behave normal, you know? I can hide it. Some guys are like “pfaa.”

This new documentary obviously has much more to offer the MMA fan as far as sound bites and interesting footage. You can learn more on the film HERE.


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